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Poetry in Pictures

Word art and modern pantomime theatre
PROGRAM: Stage - DURATION: 60-120 minutes

3 solo artists create a new art form: a living work of words and images. Is it the word that creates the imagination or is it the imagination that creates the word. Images allow thoughts to emerge, stories that become stories in which, played and spoken, we find ourselves again. No one can know the stories and yet they are related to us in hidden ways. Look forward to an evening full of poetry in word and play.

with: Lisa Kaah - poet
Katja Grahl- pantomime / mimin
Sabine Soyk - pantomime / mimin

Lisa Kaah

Lisa Kaah - Poetin

Lisa Kaah is a poetic insider tip because she only exists live and handwritten. She gambles away her unmistakable rhymes as she pleases, enlists the help of the audience, spreads joy or touches. What she wants to read is leafed through. What she says is in the moment. She pops up and down where she pleases.

Katja Grahl
pantomime / mimin

Katja Grahl – Pantomimin / Mimin

Katja Grahl completed her training as mimin and pantomime with Jörg Brennecke. Her trademark is the combination of vaudeville-influenced design with Decroux's physical precision. Her work is characterized by a special liveliness and colourfulness. Their stories share a keen eye for the paradoxes in human life situations.

Sabine Soyk
pantomime / mimin

Sabine Soyk – Pantomimin / Mimin

Sabine Soyk: The artist dissects, fillets feelings. From the resulting jigsaw pieces, mimetic stories and images are formed that focus on people as living, suffering, related beings. But he is always shown from his most beautiful side, that of a feeling being.