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The secret of fire is the secret of life.
PROGRAM: Showact - DURATION: 15-20 min

Experience exciting shows with a mixture of fire dance and fakir techniques, such as fire breathing, fire spitting and fire games on the skin

Diva Dance - The queen of the night, sublime and majestic, carries the fire of life through the darkness to the light. mystical -magical fire show.
Red Passion - A being like from 1001 Nights dances a round dance of fire and poetry. A romantic show with oriental influences.
Walpurga - On wings of fire she comes along, Walpurga, to ignite the witch's cauldron, to enchain the embers. rousing, dramatic for the Middle Ages, Halloween, Walpurgis Night.
Mirall - racy, rocking, modern.
Hochzeitsspecial - Burning hearts, fountains and red theatre fire provide a romantic finale.
Jubiläumsspecial - Your burning numbers make for a special highlight.

DIVA DANCE VIDEO: watch here | RED PASSION VIDEO: watch here